Saturday, July 27, 2002

As you can see, Jade has been extremely busy gathering her close-knit circle of Goddess friends. She is quite happy to find that most are not only willing but usually elated to partake in the eliteness of such a distinguished circle.

There is a quiet little voice in the back of her mind telling Jade that perhaps she should get some real work done. This voice usually drifts about for a while trying to get Jade's attention, but after hundreds of repeated attempts, it usually gives up and fades into silence.

Jade might choose to acknowledge her schizophrenic tendency to hear hallucinatory utterances someday.
You can do it! If the Goddess of the Luau, a computer illiterate is here, you can be here too. All of the suave people that the Goddess associates with are here. As they say, one must learn from the best. The wittiest, the most intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful reside and visit at this location. Be who you are, and you will be embraced.

Yes, the Goddess of the Luau is a shining beacon of heroism. She is the archnemesis of Barbie. While that plastic, blonde, disproportionate bimbo seeks to destroy the self-images of girls everywhere, the Goddess of the Luau works to build self-esteem and confidence in women so that they may all eventually attain the status of goddessdom.

Friday, July 26, 2002

It's decided: This is going to be the official purlieu of a coterie of elite Goddesses. Isn't it empowering?

Don't you wish you could be us?

Well, you can't. Muahahaha.
Whee! And here we are. The Goddess Triumvirate of More Than Three! At least I'm assuming there'll be more than three people. And. Um. Right, seeing as I have a significant lack of coherent cognition, I'll sign off for now and I'll post later, after futher rumination upon the discombobulation concerning my bedroom ceiling and mustard.


Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Our lovely contestants:

I do wish my name went with "dahlin", or else I would have also had
Ah well.

The majority of votes went to:

So here we are.